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Faculty of Education & Theology Employability Statement

All programmes in the Faculty of Education & Theology at York St John University support students’ employability.


Career planning and employment

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within Education & Theology have a strong vocational focus.  Most provide opportunities to achieve professional accreditation and development.  Almost half our students are completing initial teacher education programmes.  The majority of the rest of our students are in employment whilst completing their studies in supporting learning, working with children and young people, theology and ministry, or master’s and doctoral programmes in education or theology and religious studies.  We are proud of this professional and practitioner focus across the faculty, and it informs every programme in the faculty, and all our research.  Staff are committed to working closely with our employer-partners, and we currently work with over 1300 schools, education settings other than schools, and religious organisations.  The staff of the faculty have themselves usually worked in careers in these various professions, prior to working in York St John, and all ensure that teaching and learning opportunities reflect current trends in employment and practice settings, to equip our students to compete for employment regionally and nationally. 


Information on professional accreditation and other partner regulation

Information on the partner organisations contributing to the regulation and/or inspection of the Faculty of Education & Theology programmes can be found on the websites of the following professional and regulatory bodies.