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Work placement opportunities

At York St John University there are several opportunities to undertake work placement activities.


Film & TV Production

Two formal opportunities to undertake work placement activities.

Working in Film and Television: level 2

This is a work-related module intended to support your understanding of, and access to, contemporary production in Film and Television. The module will provide opportunity for you to gain an overview of current practice, to meet and interrogate current practitioners, and to gain experience in work-related situations through the opportunities provided by the work placement.

Internship: Level 3

This will be determined individually through the internship contract which will be negotiated with the student and assigned tutor. In general terms this will relate directly to the aims and outcomes of work based learning and will mean the student acting as participant or participant observer in a recognised industry role or roles.



Level 2: Introduction to Community Dance Practice

The module is designed to introduce students to the conceptual and philosophical concerns and historical and contemporary contexts of community dance practice. Students will be introduced to a variety of teaching theories and methodologies appropriate to working in a community context and will design and deliver a workshop within a designated setting. CRB checks may be required in order to complete this module.

The third year of your course is a professional year. This means that you will be engaging in dance in the community in a variety of settings (including primary and secondary schools, residential centres for elderly people and hospitals). You will become a dancer with Flight Effect Dance Company and tour the North of England with a particular production, and you will be involved in professional placements with organisations such as Yorkshire Dance and Northern Ballet Theatre.


Education Studies

Work Based Learning in Education

This generic module is designed to enhance student prospects for employment in subject-related fields. It allows opportunities to practise skills and apply knowledge in the workplace through a work based learning project lasting a minimum of 15 days. Students may link their work-based learning to their Level 3 project/special study. APEL will be available to mature students and will require them to present evidence of reflection and learning from previous work experience.


English Language and Linguistics

Language and Communication in the Workplace

This module offers students the opportunity to do applied research on language and communication in a real workplace setting. The workplace experience also increases students awareness of the nature of work, and of the kinds of work best suited to their needs, interests and aspirations.


English Literature

The Level 2 module Working with Words involves 15 days spent in a workplace.


Fine Art

In Level 2 there is an opportunity to immerse yourself within the professional environment in the module Working in the Creative Industries where you will be encouraged to identify, negotiate and document your work experience.



Music in Education: Level 2

Many graduate musicians apply their knowledge and facilitation skills in educational environments, whether working in private teaching practice, schools, FE, HE and community work. This module looks at the roles of music in a variety of educational contexts, drawing on your own experience as well as exploring the appropriate literature. You will: 1. reflect on your own musical learning, 2. be introduced to music in the National Curriculum, 3. develop confidence to lead group musical activities, 4. apply your musical skills by planning, implementing and evaluating music activities in a range of educational settings.

Music in the Community: Level 2

This module will provide you with the opportunity to study the rationale for, and approaches to, music in the community, through a range of theoretical and practical work. Music activities for specific groups within the community will be examined through research of existing community projects and organisations. You will engage in practical sessions to develop workshop skills, including planning, implementation and evaluation/self-reflection. The module includes an experience within a community-based setting. Existing contacts will be utilised by staff in order to organise the work-based experiences"



Schools Project: Level 2

Theatre workshop activity in schools is a thriving area of Applied Theatre practice. In this module students will be introduced to drama and applied theatre processes and practice in school settings, including Drama Education, TIE (Theatre in Education), workshop facilitation and design. The complimentary approaches of classroom activity, after schools work and theatre projects will be explored. A range of applied theatre work with young people will be introduced, for example outreach and education work in cultural contexts such as theatre companies, galleries and museums and youth theatre. Students may be required to obtain a CRB check as part of this module."


Community Arts Independent Project: Level 3

This module will encourage students to research, devise ad deliver a community arts project with a specific community group that will include workshop activity and performance and articulate a set of creative concerns and translate them into performance. The module will also encourage students to contextualise the significance of the work in terms of their own development as an artist as well as placing the work into a broader historical-social context.


Product Design

Working in the Creative Industries

This is a work-related module intended to support students' understanding of, and access to, the workplace. The module will provide opportunity for students to gain an overview of current practice, to meet and interrogate current practitioners, and to gain experience in work-related situations through the opportunities provided by the work placement.


Counselling Studies

There are placement opportunities each year for Specialist students and in the second year for Joint Honours students with a variety of organisations involved in helping or for whom counselling or the use of counselling skills are a key part of their way of working. This will include voluntary organisations, counselling services and support/self-help groups.


Level 3: Professional Development

This module aims to enable students to make a successful transition to graduate level work or postgraduate study by increasing their levels of self-confidence and awareness of themselves and the world of work - specifically as related to the practice of the skills and competences of counselling. The module offers an opportunity for students to critically evaluate their programme experience and draw together their knowledge, skills and experience in a coherent plan for their future. Sessions and website activities will include - Overview of careers options (visiting speakers from helping organisations) - Development of job application skills - Employment information searches: sources, access, interpretation and use with reference to opportunities to employ the skills and competences of counselling. - Learning for career development: self-awareness, opportunity awareness, decision making, negotiating and coping with change - Identification of careers support agencies and structures for use post-graduation (e.g. Careers Service, mentoring, EAP agencies, HR departments).



You will undertake a three-week work placement at the end of Level 2. You may choose to work in a psychology setting or look at psychological applications in any work setting, such as a school or commercial organisation, which may be at home or abroad. Joint Honours students choose one of their subject areas as a workplace focus.



We offer experiential and vocationally related opportunities to enhance each student's personal and professional development throughout their time with us enabled by our strong community links and YSJ Active enterprise arm. 


Sport and Exercise Science Placement: Level 2

This module will provide the student with a vocational opportunity aimed at enhancing their future employability. By gaining experience of sport and exercise science within a real world setting, students are challenged to link theory with practice. The module will also provide students with the opportunity to reflect upon evidence-based practice within a vocational setting. The experiential learning process will encourage students to reflect on career aspirations and will provide an opportunity to develop a personal plan for continued professional development.


Professional Development: Level 2

This module offers students the opportunity to further develop relevant professional skills and experience related to the study of sport related programmes. Students will be provided with continuing opportunity to develop and evaluate a personal and professional development plan. The module will further explore professional parameters of the working environment including a range ethical, social and moral responsibilities and dilemmas. Students will continue to develop their skills as a reflective and evidence based practitioner. The module embraces QAA (2008) benchmarking statements which both identified the need for engagement between employers and Higher Education alongside identifying that graduates of sport related programmes should be able to 'take and demonstrate responsibility for their own learning and continuing personal and professional development' and 'self-appraise and reflect on practice'. Throughout the module, as part of a negotiated personal and professional development plan, students will be expected to obtain a range of relevant vocationally related qualifications and a minimum of 30 hours negotiated and relevant professional experience in a developing capacity.


Business Management

A Career in Business

At the end of Level 2, all students undertake a work placement in an organisation of their choice. This provides an opportunity to test out possible career choices, gain a meaningful experience of life as a manager and, potentially, to get a career-relevant reference. As a Business Management student you will be encouraged to take full advantage of the links the programme has with local businesses and other organisations.