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Mature Learners

mature learnersMature Learners are strongly represented within the University community.

However at York St John we are seeking to raise the representation of mature students who are returning to education who have not had previous experience of Higher Education. (A mature student is anyone over 21 years of age and we do not have an upper age limit for students to come to study).


Mature Learner Twilight Information Sessions

We are currently running twilight Mature Learners Information sessions, led by Mature students themselves. This is also an opportunity to meet other mature learners to discuss how they have approached study later in life.

There is an opportunity to have your questions answered and increase your understanding of the application process into Higher Education. Also there is an opportunity to tour the campus, view the learning resources of the University and to find out what the next step is. 

As an example of some of the questions raised at this years Mature Learners Information sessions  we can help you find out the answers;

  • What support is available for returning to learning 
  • How much time is spent on campus
  • What career planning support you will receive over your degree
  • For assignments , how computer confident you need to be 
  • The minimum number of modules you need to study each year
  • and how you can use existing modules from elsewhere and may be able to be accredited for them in your York St John University degree

Make your first step towards returning to learning by coming to visit us!

For more information, session dates and to book please click here.

E: maturestudents@yorksj.ac.uk 


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