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Widening Participation activities

Below are some of the Widening Participation activities where we engage with young people from areas of low participation (year 6 to Year 11’s)

  • 3 Day Residential Summer Schools ‘Is University for me’ and ‘Access to the Health Professions’ ( year 10’s)
  • Extended days on campus
  • Green Apples and Little Green apples ( York Secondary Schools and Primarys)
  • North Yorkshire Coast Higher Education Collaboration; Scarborough, Whitby, Filey (Year 8 to year 11’s)
  • Wakefield Primary Schools and Secondarys
  • Wakefield Parents & Pupils Project
  • Campus Visits (Year 6, Years 9, 10 & 11’s)
  • Visits into Schools by Student Ambassadors (Year 6 to Year 11’s)
  • NYBEP Speed dating with Industry ( Year 10’s)
  • Aspirations Days ( Year 11’s) Confidence, Interview Skills, Revision Skills
  • NYBEP Starting Fresh Days for young people who are borderline to be not in education, employment or training (Potential NEET)
  • Looked after Children Mentoring ( Year 5 to 11’s) in conjunction with the York and North Yorkshire ELAC Virtual Schools
  • ‘Starting Blocks’; Work placements and Insights into Employment for careleavers (York Cares)
  • Childrens’ University, York Cares
  • ‘Right to Read’ Staff volunteer reading programme in Primary schools ( York Cares)