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Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts Faculty of Arts

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts

We see that our task is to nurture free, independent thinkers and practitioners. We give students the tools they need to negotiate the new creative world. This is a learning community, where ideas are exchanged, experiments encouraged, and where practitioners are partners. 

Students aren’t just in the library or the studio, they will be involved in exhibitions, events, research projects and external partnerships.  Most of all, they will be involved in communities, inside and outside the campus.

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We have a commitment to further develop cutting edge research, building on existing achievements in performance, media and culture. We are determined to build on the strong research culture here, creating a research-enriched institution with the latest findings of our staff feeding through into the teaching and learning experience of our students.


You will not be confined to a small community but immersed in a global one. Every single arts student will have the opportunity to have an international experience of some sort during their time here. We have forged many links with academic institutions in Europe, the US and elsewhere so the options are almost limitless. 


It’s part of our mission to provide clear progression routes for students not only into the world of work, but in many cases, into work that they have created.  We forge a vast array of connections with creative practitioners in your chosen field and make links with businesses keen to help talented and entrepreneurial students.