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In the Arts Faculty we want you to join us on a journey of discovery building on your already considerable skills base. Together and in the spirit of collective curiosity we will identify the knowledge and skills that will be required for you to become personally and professionally successful in the new creative and critical world we live in.


Our aim

... to instil in our graduates confident engagement with emerging trends in the arts, humanities and creative industries.

... to engage with a wide range of ideas and technologies bringing new challenges to the table and opening up new insights into your chosen areas of study.

... to support you to develop a professionalised practice by opening up opportunities to learn new things and receive feedback from experts within the university and through encounters with visiting academics, artists and industry professionals.

... to test bed your knowledge and skills in a safe critical environment as a way of preparing you to showcase your work in the public domain as you move through a programme of study.

... to work in partnership with you after graduation and identify ways in which we can continue to support your professional ambitions beyond your initial programme of study.


Learning in the Faculty is a highly interactive business involving live teaching and learning encounters in studios, lectures and seminar rooms as well as in virtual spaces. Student outputs are remarkably diverse reflecting the varied skills you'll be required to showcase in the professional world of further study and work.  Most of all, your learning will continue beyond the boundaries of the University campus as opportunities are created for you to engage and profile your work in the City, regionally and internationally.

We understand both live and digital network cultures. The internet and mobile technologies have enabled more democratic, high-speed and flexible sites of critical and creative practice. Here in the Faculty you will be able to explore and make sense of the possibilities that this environment brings.


Research and Development

As a creative learning community we are all engaged in research and development as a way of expanding our understanding and skills base. We expect all academic staff and students to engage in research and development activities, individually and in groups. We provide a secure, intelligent context in which 'taking risks' is a way to discover new possibilities and to test current skills and knowledge.

Research and development also delivers innovation in a variety of ways. Commercially successful ideas, products and services frequently emerge from a supportive research and development environment. Our Creative Business Team are here to support a wide range of activity to help individuals and groups to get maximum benefit from their passion and commitment to study with us at York St John.


Welcome to York

Come and live, work and play in the ancient city of York. If you believe that York is simply a place with beautiful old architecture, cobbled streets and some interesting pubs, you would be mistaken. It has all those things but it is also a centre for contemporary thinking and cutting edge practice across the arts and humanities. Join us and make your unique contribution to a vibrant Faculty of Arts!