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The Faculty of Arts - Research informed

"The Faculty of Arts at York St John University is committed to critical art practice, collaborative creativity and interdisciplinarity."

The Faculty of Arts has a commitment to further develop cutting edge research, building on existing achievement in performance, media and culture.

For the future, the Faculty is determined that we build on the strong research culture here, creating a research-enriched institution with the latest findings of our staff feeding through into the teaching and learning experience of our students.

All of our teaching staff are engaged in research related activity. A growing number are nationally and internationally acknowledged as leaders in their academic fields, involved in the latest scholarly debates. Others are top practitioners, making an impact on the creative currents in dance, music or other aspects of the arts, renowned as performers, or regularly exhibiting and publishing their work.

All of our staff are committed to translating the joy of discovery and the secrets of their methodology to their teaching, enabling students to benefit from, and in many cases, take part in the latest developments. Over the past two years staff and student groups have collaborated on a wide range of Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) projects supporting students to develop creative and critical research skills.

Some examples of the latest research taking place in York St John are:

  • The role of social media and public engagement with the arts
  • The film partnership between composer Bernard Hermann and Alfred Hitchcock
  • The role of the applied theatre practitioner
  • Dance and the African Diaspora
  • Music education through collective composition
  • The Military in Vietnam
  • The experience of audiences watching dance performances
  • Understanding science from an arts perspective
  • Cosmopolitanism, religion and the public sphere