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Studio Talks in Arts and Narrative

Past Events

Monday 7 October 2013 , 7 pm

Studio, York Theatre Royal

Narrative and Food

This event is part of a series organised by York Theatre Royal and York St John University on the arts and narrative.  The making, eating, sharing, obsessing about and enjoying of food are essential to not just our culture but to all cultures. Not many things are truly universal but food is surely one of them.  Drawing from a range of contributors - including academics, foragers, artists and storytellers, this event will explore the role of food in the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what we believe in and where we come from.

The speakers for this event:

Sarah Lawson Welsh, Reader in English and Postcolonial Literatures at YSJU

Fiona Martynoga, Writer and wild food forager

Natalie Quatermass, Theatre practitioner

Guy Hutchins, Storyteller

The event is free.


10 March 2014

7.00 pm in the Studio, York Theatre Royal

Narrative and Adolescence

Adolescence is a period when we become increasing aware of ourselves and our identities in relation to the world around us. When we start to both discover and attempt to shape the narrative of our life. This discussion will focus on a range of concerns relating to young people and narrative.

Speakers: Nathalie Noret (Senior Lecturer in Psychology), Cath Heinemeyer (Storyteller), Hannah Davies (Playwright), Ella Boorman.


24 March 2014

7.00 pm in the Studio, York Theatre Royal

Narrative and Alternative Futures

Through narrative we can imagine how the future might be, we can dream of shiny bright possibilities or project into dark dystopian horrors. This event will bring together voices from the arts, literature and social sciences to consider the role of narrative in thinking, imagining and potentially bringing into being a range of alternative futures.

Speakers: Abi Curtis (Poet and Creative Writer), Andy Miah (Director, Creative Futures Institute), Liesl King (Senior Lecturer in English Literature), Mike Stubbs (Director and CEO of FACT - Foundation for Art and Creative Technology).

This event is free, but ticketed. You can book in advance (01904 623568) or get your ticket at the box office on the night.