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American Studies BA (Hons)

American Studies BA (Hons)

American Studies is available to study as part of a Joint Honours degree.

The idea of the degree is to tap into the pulse of America – not just to study that country’s past but its literature, art, politics music and film. We seek to try and explain this political superpower, its cultural dominance and its global reach.

Never has the USA been as important as it is today, with the many challenges facing citizens of the 21st century, and the pervasive influence of American culture throughout the world.

York St John has a long and excellent track record dating back 30 years, and was amongst the first American Studies courses in the UK. We have built up a reputation with top American colleges which allows us to offer students the chance to spend a semester in the US as part of an exchange programme. Links with institutions from New York to Oregon, New England to Mid West mean that you can spend a semester (1st in year 2) studying under an American sky.

Our wide ranging approach provides the kind of broad-based education desired by today’s employers in both the private and public sectors. The cultural aspects make the subject especially valuable to those seeking careers in media, education and the arts.

You will be taught by respected academics whose areas of expertise and enthusiasms include international history, World War II and the Cold War, Anglo-American relations, film studies and popular culture, modern and contemporary American literature, the Vietnam War, history of communism. Race relations, the history of slavery and the American Civil War, gender & sexuality, Ireland and America, modern and contemporary political history.