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Kathryn Halliday

"It's brilliant fun and really beneficial to meet likeminded people who you can share your enthusiasm for literature and writing with. The feedback offered by course friends is also really helpful, as it allows you to see different perspectives and responses to written work, and can help towards creating something better.

I think another highlight of the course for me, would be that it seems to be entirely coursework based. For someone like myself, who finds exams to be too pressurised and stressful, the learning experience becomes more enjoyable as you can work at a more relaxed pace, doing a little bit of work each day. Also, the wide range of modules and books up for study are really fantastic.

My favourite modules so far have to be Forms of Narrative and Writing to Order, Writing to Order in particular as not only do we cover a wide range of writing styles, but I find that having the deadline every 2 weeks is manageable and yet a great learning curve for what it will be like writing to deadlines in a working environment.

All of the Creative Writing lecturers I've met so far are entertaining, approachable and extremely helpful. They make you feel comfortable enough so you know you will be able to approach them with any queries you might have about the course.

Also, as a place of study, York has an awful lot to offer. It's beautiful, yet commercial, and has all mainstream shops right through to little boutiques and shops unique to York. It has a wide range of entertainment to offer, and a vast selection of restaurants and pubs.  I can't stress enough how good the nights out are here, a lot better than expected considering I thought York was just full of old pubs!"

1st year Creative Writing and Media joint honours student