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About Dance

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“We see you not just as students but as artists in training. “

The Dance programme at York St John is a friendly environment in which to develop your skills as a dance maker and achieve your full potential.

You will extend your understanding of the art form and challenge your preconceptions of dance and choreography. But at YSJ, dance students learn not only how to become performers but also how to market their work, manage a tour and do the bookings

“Our graduates will have portfolio careers where they will do lots of these things themselves,” explains Head of Programme Elaine Harvey. “That will include everything from writing funding applications to choreographing a one-person show. We aim to give them the equipment to tackle all these aspects of professional practice.”

Dance imageDance students can look forward to:

  • superb new facilities including a performance space fully-equipped dance studio.
  • working partnerships with York City Council Arts and Culture Department and Yorkshire Dance (Leeds).
  • a campus set in the beautiful, historic city of York but close to the regional dance agency, Yorkshire Dance (Leeds), and a range of artistic venues.

We have extremely good links with the wider professional industry and this is supported by a team of staff who are all practicing dance artists and academics themselves. The course also has strong links to dance activity and development in the local community through partnerships with local practitioners in the arts, education and health.

Dance in the community is a strong component of the course and students will find themselves not just in studios but in a variety of professional settings (including primary and secondary schools, residential centres for elderly people and hospitals). A second year module “Introduction to community dance” is available and in their third year, students can choose a community placement which in can lead to them securing a BA Hons in community practice

Through our industry contacts we are able to offer students practice based opportunities to discover which area of dance they are interested in pursuing in the world of work. You will make your own choreographic works and have an opportunity to present them annually at public festivals of creative excellence and access professional placements with arts organisations and dance companies.

“At YSJ we aim to give undergraduate students an experience that normally they would have to wait until they are graduates to have.

In their second year dance students can take part in an exchange programme at Potsdam State University of New York.

Also in the second year, every module features guest lecturers directly from the world of dance practice, and a guest choreographer works with students on site specific piece of work.

“All of this comes to fruition in the third year,” says Elaine Harvey. “We call it the professional year when students are able to make their own work to a really good performance level."  A professional choreographer collaborates with third year students, culminating in a performance which then tours to live audiences around the Yorkshire region.

“We see them not as students, but as artists in training.“

Image provided courtesy of Roshana Ruben-Mayhew.



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