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Film Production - Research Informed

Film & TV ProductionThe programme team at Film/TV Production is made up of academic practitioners with a range of research interests, professional experience and ongoing professional practice.

Much of the research that staff are engaged in therefore examines the relationship between theory and practice and given the nature of film and television production, that research is often practice-led.

Staff and students share a research ethos which is about consistently developing as a reflective practitioner.

"It’s not so much about learning what others do, it’s about what you can learn to do yourself"

We are engaged in intellectually challenging and diverse research in film, documentary and screenwriting. Pedagogic research also forms an important part of staff interests. Particular projects include: the integration of theory and practice, student engagement with industry and gender in the film and television production industries.

Staff areas of interest include:

  • Comedy
  • Asian cinema
  • British gangster films
  • Dutch cinema
  • Documentary sound
  • Feminist approaches to film
  • Contemporary Hollywood
  • Jewish-American cinema
  • Psychoanalysis in cinema
  • Contemporary TV drama
  • Regional documentary in TV

Areas of ongoing professional practice include, TV documentary production, directing fiction, screenwriting and entrepreneurship and enterprise.