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About History

History at YSJ is not a conventional history degree in that the diversity of approach here allows us to encompass everything from medieval to contemporary history, the study of British events and global affairs, the politics of the Renaissance Popes to the understanding of contemporary crises.

It’s a flexible course, allowing students to choose from a menu of unrelated options or to concentrate on a particular period of study. You choose your own modules, enabling you to construct your own study pathway. There is the opportunity to undertake independent research and to specialise in the kinds of history that interest you most.

“We don’t want to create barriers – over the course of the three years you can touch on a wide range of subjects.”

Victoria and Albert MuseumWe are looking for students with an enthusiasm for exploring the past and we offer you the opportunity to acquire a wide range of skills from written work to oral presentations, from teamwork to independent study.

The first year is introductory, emphasising the breadth of study across topics and periods. In the second year, modules focus on major periods of British, European, American or World history, and you have the option of concentrating on modern or medieval/early modern history if you wish to do so. The final year offers more in-depth study of particular topics or periods and includes a dissertation or research project.

Rievaulx AbbeyBesides field trips to museums and historical sites in the UK, including Rievaulx Abbey and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, every history student has the option to study abroad in the US, Canada, the Netherlands or Spain.

Placements can involve teaching in schools, working in museums such as Rockingham Castle, in York Archives or in media outlets such as the Northern Echo and ITV.

Our programmes are taught by an experienced team of professional historians, each of whom is engaged in scholarship and original research which has received national and international recognition. Their areas of expertise include medieval Europe, the English Rockingham Castle LawnReformation, modern British and American history and international relations in the 20th century. Their research feeds directly into our module offering and ensures that you are in touch with new developments in a rapidly changing subject.

Our History graduates have highly marketable skills and although many graduates will go on to history-related careers such as heritage and tourism, library and archive work, teaching or research, they have also entered careers in management and public administration, the civil service, social and community work, the police and the army, publishing, journalism and the media.