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Record: A film in three sections on the Hull fishing industry

Yorkshire Film ArchiveThe aim of the project was to exploit the natural synergies between the University’s History and Linguistics Departments, and the Yorkshire Film Archive in an interdisciplinary research project, while at the same time developing students’ technical archive and professional skills. The project also facilitated the piloting of cross-departmental research projects as a model for future collaboration.

The students created a series of short films which provide an introduction to the history of commercial fishing in Hull, whilst at the same time capturing the associated local dialects and accents as well as slang and colloquialisms. The films are composed of oral history interviews edited with archival footage from the YFA collections. The project formed the coursework for the Level 2 History module: ‘History, Community and Culture’ and an equivalent Linguistics module, from which a group of nine students were recruited.

The students worked in three groups consisting of two history students and one linguistics student each, in close coordination with Anna Briggs, then Education Officer at the YFA, each under the general supervision of Ms Briggs, Ian Horwood from History and Nikki Swift from Linguistics.

Every stage of the work was undertaken by the students themselves. While the students each contributed discipline specific skills to the project, the films were truly collaborative efforts with the students researching relevant footage in the Archive, conducting the oral history interviews, shooting the film, and editing the combined material.



Record 1: St Andrew’s Dock

A Film by Alexandros Ntigkaris, Darren Mountain, Andriy Chomanicz

Record 2: The Hull Fishermen

A film by Kirsty Angus, Jeffrey Pettit, Ben Nicholson

Record 3: The Decline of the Hull Fishing Industry

A film by James Cairns, Dominic Ibson, Craig Davis

Many thanks to the interviewees: David Harrison, Jim Williams and Robb Robinson, the Hull History Centre, the Ocks Ceilish, the Amble Band, Northumberland: Lucy Harris, Mark Walmsley, Don Bemrose, and the East Riding Dialect Society. Footage courtesy of The Yorkshire Film Archive.