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About Media


From film and TV, digital culture, art and advertising, media and popular culture plays a central role in contemporary society. This degree programme explores the ways in which the media shapes our lives – from what we do, to the way we think – and, crucially, how we may intervene, shape, resist and creatively engage with this process.

At York St John, Media offers an exciting and intellectually rigorous degree programme that provides you with the tools to learn and reflect on how media and culture affect who we are, and how we understand ourselves and the world around us.

On this degree you learn not only how to analyse and debate the media, but also how to engage with it in a variety of ways – from writing in a number of styles for a range of audiences and platforms, producing digital material and creating images and film.


Thinking Critically/Writing Creatively

NeutralWhilst Media is critically focused, there are still ample opportunities to direct the quality of your thinking into a wide array of creatively and commercially focused outcomes. The faculty has a fantastic Apple Mac Lab where you will be able to gain experience of working with various software packages and working with technical instructors, visiting speakers and industry based professionals.

You will have the opportunity to produce your own articles, multi-media portfolios and artworks within a range of different genres for a range of different types of media. You will work collaboratively on professional project briefs where you will be able to test your growing knowledge and skills base. These might include developing a whole creative and business strategy for developing a major international film festival for the City of York or pitching an idea for a new arts festival to the Culture Department at the City of York Council Investment Board.

In project teams you will be able to ‘pitch’ your ideas for new media products, devise marketing and distribution packages and formulate editorial policies. In particular, you will get involved in the production of our magazine and web-platform NEUTRAL, which engages actively and creatively with contemporary media and culture.

Internationalising your experience is increasingly crucial in terms of the global marketplace. We will help you take advantage of the University's international network of partner organisations so that you can add an international dimension to your studies and which will look great on your graduating CV profile. Students have the opportunity to undertake field trips to the great cities of culture, including Istanbul, Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona.  You can also go abroad on an exchange to New York State and Pennsylvania in the US or Silesia in Poland.

Aesthetica magazineOur media graduates are attractive to a range of employers within the media, entertainment, creative, cultural and communications industries. Former YSJ students can be found in journalism, or running their own media enterprises such as the arts magazine Aesthetica, while others work in marketing and PR and some go on to post-graduate and doctoral study.