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About Music Production

Music production studioMusic Production is the degree for the musician who loves contemporary digital technology. Modern technology has opened up new avenues of production, composition, consumption and distribution for music of all kinds. If you are keen to gain a deeper understanding of this changing musical context and to apply this knowledge, then this is the course for you. 

The course was designed and written in collaboration with practitioners and businesses in the industry to make sure that the work you do is relevant to your future career. But a B A in Music Production is not a training course - at the end of their time here, we want our students to explore the creative possibilities of music technology and to be able to use their creative imagination in a university environment.

You will study theories, contexts, technology, skills and techniques that relate to music production. Such things as contemporary digital recording in the studio and location recording, sound creation and manipulation, sequencing and editing, and the skills of writing, arranging and producing music. You will acquire and develop these skills through the projects you undertake, and you will learn their application in practice, in different contexts, and with other media.

You will work closely with students on our BA (Hons) Music and Film & TV Production degrees, and other students in the Faculty of Arts, giving you a rich, art-focused, vocationally-directed and hands-on approach to your learning.




You will not be expected to perform on a traditional musical instrument, though you may be expected to perform. You will not be taught or expected to use traditional musical notation, though you will be expected to communicate accurately and effectively in a modern musical context. You will be given ear-training, computer music production technique training and will be expected to analyse and understand music recordings, as well as create quality productions of your own.

Guest lectures, workshops and masterclasses with record producers, mixing and mastering engineers, recordists, composers and even web designers are all part of the course.

There will be placement opportunities allowing you to work with professionals in the fields that interest you. Some recent placements have included working as the UK rep for a US hiphop label, recording festivals / running festival fringe events, working for a games company and in film production studios. One student even helped record a CD for use in music therapy at local hospital.

We are looking for some technical knowledge and experience but perhaps most important to us is motivation and drive. We are looking for people who have an excitement and enthusiasm for the possibilities of contemporary music and who are open to new ideas.