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Music - Working with others

Male music studentsOur music students get plenty of opportunities to work with professional musicians in addition to members of staff. There are regular tuition sessions with practising performers and guest tutors hold workshops and masterclasses on performance and composition, giving students a chance to learn about the world of the working musician and to get feedback on their own ideas.

We place a high value on collaborative work at YSJ and music students are encouraged to work with each other, with staff and with the community outside the campus as part of the Music degree.

Our students throw themselves into the wealth of musical networks at the university, not only at the weekly concerts on campus - but also as part of groups and ensembles performing off campus. Recent examples have included a ukelele band, a folk group, and an African drumming ensemble.

Many of the groups formed by our students are involved with other community organisations, performing with users of mental health services, in care homes for elderly people and in hospital wards. They work with schools, busk in York streets and present concerts at civic occasions.

In 2010, music students worked with Hands and Voices, a choir for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. The 50-strong choir uses sign language to support the meaning of its songs. Hands and Voices was also Community Ensemble in Residence, providing placements for undergraduates who led warm ups, taught songs, wrote material and joined in performances with the choir.