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What can I expect from my Buddy or Mentee?

What is the Buddy Up Scheme

Whilst we hope that everyone who is part of the scheme will benefit from it there are some limitations as to what the scheme can cover.  For any buddying relationship to work it is also vital that each person involved knows what they can expect from each other.

This pages sets out what you can expect from each other and the limits of the scheme

What can I expect from my Buddy? What can I expect from my Mentee?
  • Your Buddy should be in regular contact with you throughout your first semester, they will use your university e-mail account.
  • They should invite you to meet to have informal discussions about how you are finding YSJ.
  • Your Buddy will answer any questions you have about YSJ and help signpost you to specialist services when appropriate.
  • Your Buddy will help you identify and achieve goals for the first semester.
  • Your mentee should respond to e-mails sent from you and agree to meet you.
  • Ask you any questions they have about YSJ.


The limits of the Buddy up Scheme

 A Buddy is not:

  • A counsellor.
  • A careers advisor.
  • A replacement for services, such as advice on finance or welfare.
  • A tutor or someone who will proof read assignments and coursework.

Whilst your Buddy does not provide these services they will be happy to point you in the right direction should you need support with any aspects of University life that they are unable to deal with directly.