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Employer Mentoring

A great way to improve your employability skills and enhance your prospects of career success is by undertaking a programme of activities with a Mentor from the local business community. The Careers & Employability team have developed the Alumni Career Enhancement Scheme (ACES) with the University Alumni office, bringing in local employers who are often former YSJ students to work with you to help you develop your skills and make the transition to work. The scheme has the following aims:

  • To enhance the employability of York St John University students by providing a framework to help students to improve their personal and professional skills and to be able to reflect on and articulate their learning experiences.
  • To recognise student success and engagement in personal and professional development activities.
  • To encourage York St John University students to be active citizens.
  • To encourage St John University students to take responsibility for their future by pursuing opportunities that enhance their knowledge, skills and experience.
  • To provide a platform for building relationships with employers to promote recognition of the value of employing York St John University students and graduates in a way which the business community finds relevant and accessible.
  • To prepare students for the transition between study and work.
  • To provide York St John University students with the opportunity to network with local, regional and national employers and community groups.
  • To ensure that students gain an insight into working life and the skills which are required in a particular job sector.
  • Those Mentored will in future be Mentors themselves.

As a Mentee, you will gain the following benefits:


  • Insight into their chosen industry or profession
  • A time for personal development and reflection
  • An understanding of the specialist skills required for a specific job role
  • Development of employability skills
  • Gain in confidence
  • Gain access to networks and other resources

For more information about the scheme, contact the Careers & Employability team