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2011-12 Graduate summary by subject - Psychology

York St John Psychology graduates go into a range of jobs and careers, using the skills, knowledge and experience they have developed during their time at University. 

As well as transferable skills such as communication, IT, problem-solving and team working, Psychology graduates have also had the opportunity to develop numeracy skills and the ability to understand and manipulate both quantitative and qualitative data attractive to employers in the financial sector, human resources and market research.

The pie chart below shows the work and study options of 2011-12 Psychology graduates from York St John University. This data is based on the Destinations of Leavers in Higher Education (DLHE) Survey of York St John University graduates six months after graduation and only includes information from those who replied.

Employability 2011-12 stats Psychology

Categories %
1 - Working Full-time 14.3%
2 - Working Part-time 28.6%
3 - Unemployed 14.3%
5 - Full-time study 28.6%
6 - Part-time study 14.3%
Grand Total 100%

To find out more about possible career options for Psychology graduates, you can visit the Prospects website. Only a small number (15%) of Psychology graduates go onto to become Psychologists, other options include Lecturer, Counsellor, Human Resources Officer, Psychotherapist and Retail Manager.