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Example interview questions

Although every job interview will be different, there are a lot interview questions that come up time and time again. Knowing this can help you to prepare for an interview, though it is important to remember that you should never 'learn' a response to an interview question, but rather make sure that you are ready with examples to refer to etc.

This link provides a useful list of typical interview questions that you might face. It is also worth doing an online search for examples of questions specifically related to the job you are being interviewed for - e.g. searching for 'interview questions occupational therapist' brings up a number of different websites with possible suggestions. Remember it is important to think about how reliable the other websites you are looking at might be, but you can nevertheless pick up lots of useful hints and tips. And you can always arrange a mock interview with a Careers Adviser, to help give you some practice - just contact us to make an appointment.