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Internships are great ways to gain excellent work experience, develop a range of transferable skills, make contacts, and earn some money. They look great on your CV, and can give you an insight into different careers. There are student internships, which take place either over the summer into between years of study or on a part-time basis throughout the year, or graduate internships, which are fixed term contracts designed for once you’ve finished University.

You can visit YSJConnect and search for opportunities as an intern.

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about paid and unpaid interns, with the question raised whether it is legal for employers to hire unpaid interns, what is the difference between volunteering and working as an intern. There are some industries where it is common for organisations to offer unpaid internships, but still expect the interns to work full-time for an extended period of time. York St John University believes that all internships should be paid, but does recognise that it is important for students to gain relevant work experience. If you see an unpaid internships advertised, we recommend you come and discuss it with the Careers & Employability team.