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Information for Staff

The Careers & Employability team is always looking to work closer with staff across the University to find new/better ways to support our students. Although we continue to support students on a one-to-one basis, we are increasingly working with faculties/programmes to further embed employability into the curriculum. We already work with a range of programmes across the University, in ways such as:

  • Providing short 'introduction to careers' sessions for first year students
  • Teaching on careers or work-related modules, including topics such as Career Planning, Options with your degree, CV Writing, Interview Skills, Personal Brand, and Making the most of your degree.
  • Running optional careers & employability sessions specific to a particular degree programme, scheduled to sit alongside the existing timetable
  • Providing compulsory individual careers tutorials for students, in addition or in place of the academic tutorial process
  • Supporting module development (and re-validation) to help embed employability into the curriculum in a way that does not impact on the academic rigour or focus of a programme.

Our aim is to provide a service to students that helps them recognise the skills they gain through studying, enables them to make informed decisions about what career paths they wish to follow, provides opportunites for them to gain vital further experience through part-time work and volunteering, and offers advice and guidance on making the transition into work after graduation. We can tailor how we work with programmes to meet the needs of each cohort of students.

As such, we are keen to continue to build our partnerships with all programmes of study. Please contact Liz Whitaker, Careers & Employability Manager (l.whitaker@yorksj.ac.uk), for further details or to arrange a meeting to discuss how we could best support you.