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Gaining Experience

Careers Advisers and graduate employers are always talking about gaining experience. But what do we really mean by that? Here we talk a little bit about the way you can get different kinds of work experience, and how you might gain from it.


Part-time jobs

Lots of students think about getting some part-time work whilst they are studying, often with the aim to earn a bit of money. But this is also an ideal opportunity to gain some great experience that can make all the difference when applying for graduate jobs. Even if the work you are doing isn't necessarily linked to what you think you want to do as a career, you can still pick up those all-important transferable skills that employers are always looking for. YSJ Connect Jobs and Opportunities is the perfect place to start looking for these jobs, and you can always come and see a Careers Adviser for some help with your application.



Volunteering logoVolunteering is a great way to gain some skills and experience, as well as an insight into different industries and jobs, make new friends and contacts, and in some cases can lead to paid jobs in the future. You can download a brochure which tells you everything you need to know, or visit YSJ Connect to learn more and find out how to apply for volunteering opportunities.



Internships are a brilliant way to experience working in a certain industry or area of work, often give you the chance to lead on a project of some sort, and are one of the best ways to gain relevant work experience whilst also earning some money. York St John works with local employers to arrange student internships both during term time and in the holidays. You can find out more about the YSJ Student Internship scheme or read some more general information about internships. In recent years, there have also been a number of graduate internships lasting between 12 weeks and 1 year working at York St John, eligible to students who have just finished a course here - more information is available by contacting the Careers & Employability team.


Work placements

Most programmes at York St John include a work placement element, but leave students with an element of choice about where you undertake your placement. This is a great opportunity to learn more about a particular area of work, make contacts, and gain experience, as well as meeting the assessment criteria for your module. You can refer to your work placement on your CV and job applications - for some areas (like teaching, Occupational Therapy and Sports), it is absolutely critical that you do. The Careers & Employability team can help you think about what you want to get out of your placement, and help you make the most of this experience on your CV.