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Workshops & Events

Throughout the year, there are a whole range of fairs, workshops and other events that all students are welcome to attend.

Browse through the list below, and click on the links to find out more or to book a place (this is just so that we can get an idea of how many people will attend - there is no cost, and if you then can't attend, you are able to go back in later and cancel your place).



Fairs are opportunities for you to come and meet with a range of employers/organisations, who normally have stalls that you can walk around and chat to people. It's an informal event - a great opportunity to find out more information and meet people.  



Workshops are more formal events, that take place at a certain time, and are run by members of the Careers & Employability team. It's a chance to find out more information, and receive help and advice related to the topic of the session.


Teacher training interview sessions

New sessions will be added shortly.

More workshops will be added in the new year, but don't forget you are welcome to make a careers appointment to discuss your interview on an individual basis.


Getting a part-time Job sessions

New sessions will be added shortly.

Working in the UK - This session is specifically for International Students looking for Part-time work while studying.


Volunteering information sessions

New sessions will be added shortly.

Half hour session where you can find out more about volunteering in the university, in the local community and overseas.


Professional Skills Programme

‌The Professional Skills Programme comprises a series of free applied skills sessions and an online Employability Tutorial, each workshop looking at a different professional skill. 

The Programme is open to all students and you can the workshops which suit you. Each session is bookable via the Eventbrite online booking system, and the Employability Tutorial is accessible via your own Moodle homepage.



Throughout the year, we run a number of 'campaigns' aimed at raising awareness about careers & employability related issues, often targeted as specific groups of students.