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The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care Team is here for staff, students, prospective students, graduates and associates of our community. You are very welcome to join us in worship, festival celebrations, community activities, days apart and any other events.


All beliefs

Students and staff can find themselves facing major life issues. We fully respect each person’s identity and beliefs and we offer a non-judgmental, confidential ‘listening ear’.



The Chaplaincy is primarily Christian and it:

  • maintains a rhythm of prayer and worship
  • is involved in mission and evangelism
  • provides pastoral care to the community
  • studies the scriptures and life of faith
  • is an integral part of University life


It supports and encourage students and staff to

  • engage in personal spiritual development
  • better understand the values, belief and faiths of others.


YSJ works closely with the Higher York Partnership Chaplaincies, with ‘Churches Together’, ‘One Voice’ CoRE, with national Chaplaincy networks and local city centre churches.


Community Engagement

We seek to develop a vibrant community engagement initiative through which members of YSJ interact with our neighbours in various aspects of our university life such as music, sports, art, drama, culture, business, education, mentoring.

This model of engagement will then be spread further afield making our life in York St John richer and empowering.


Volunteer Opportunities

From training as a Street Angel to working with young people or even being part of a chaplaincy team - we offer a wide range of opportunities both at home and abroad.


World Faiths and Spiritual Care

Our voluntary team of faith advisers includes Baha’i, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Sikhs. They help address the religious and spiritual needs of staff and students, give advice and guidance to YSJ and support the work of the Faculty of Education & Theology. We also offer contacts for other religious groups.

This is in line with our respect and sensitivity to the needs of all who choose our university as a place for academic and career development.

Origami cranes

Japanese students place 1000 origami cranes on the Hiroshima tree in the Peace Garden