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Who we are

Chaplaincy branding

The University Chaplain is situated in Room CP006, between the Students’ Union (SU) and the Chapel.

For information about prayer spaces or venues for celebrations, please contact Revd Rowley in the first instance. Our world faith advisors are here to help you connect with local people who share your faith.



Chaplaincy Team 



Revd Anne RowleyRevd Anne Rowley

University Chaplain

T: 01904 876606

E: chaplaincy@yorksj.ac.uk







Calum Wilson

Calum Wilson

PA To Annie/Chaplaincy Assistant

T: 01904 876607

E: c.wilson1@yorksj.ac.uk









World Faith Advisors



Mr. Hooshmand Badee

Mrs. May Badee

E:  BahaiFA@yorksj.ac.uk



Mr. Charles Patmore

E: BuddhistFA@yorksj.ac.uk



Mr. Mahendra Verma

Mrs. Usha Verma

Dr Avijit Datta

E: HinduFA@yorksj.ac.uk



Mr. Jeremy Jacob

Mrs. Thea Jacob

E: JewishFA@yorksj.ac.uk



Mr. Salahuddin Dewan

Imam Abid Salik

E: MuslimFA@yorksj.ac.uk



Mrs. Suki Matharu

E: SikhFA@yorksj.ac.uk



Christian denominational representatives

Anglican                        Revd Alistair Rycroft

Baptist                          Prof Chris Meyer

Methodist                     Revd David Godfrey

Orthodox                      Father Aethelwine  

Pentecostal                  Revd Graham Hutchinson

Quaker                         Beverly Taylor

Roman Catholic            Canon Michael Ryan