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Who we are

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Lukas Njenga University Chaplain
Lukas Njenga, ordained Anglican
Chris Cullwick Associate Chaplain
Chris Cullwick, ordained Anglican
Stroma McDermott Chaplaincy Assistant
Stroma McDermott
Petra Bjorck Chaplaincy Assistant
Petra Wilkinson


Ecumenical Chaplaincy Team

Orthodox   Father Aethelwine
Methodist   Ed Cooke
Quaker   Beverley Taylor
Roman Catholic   Canon Michael Ryan
Anglican   Rev Phil Moore
Pentecostal   Rev Graham Hutchinson
Baptist Church   Prof Chris Meyer


Spiritual Care Team

Baha’i Advisers 
Hooshmand Badee May Badee
Hooshmand Badee May Badee
Buddhist Advisers 
Lauri Bower Male sillouette
Lauri Bower Charles Patmore
Christian Advisers
Male sillouette Mary Smith
Bishop Tom Butler Mary Smith
Hindu Advisers
Mahendra Verma Usha Verma
Mahendra Verma Usha Verma
Jewish Advisers
Jeremy Jacob Thea Jacob
Jeremy Jacob Thea Jacob
Muslim Advisers
Zubair Ahmad Female sillouette
Zubair Ahmad Semeena Abbas
Sikh Advisers
Darminder Chadha Gurdeep Chadha
Darminder Chadha Gurdeep Chadha


How to contact us?

Call into the Chaplaincy, between the Students’ Union and the Chapel or book an appointment at the Student Advice Desk in the Holgate building.

T: 01904 876606/7 E: chaplaincy@yorksj.ac.uk

To subscribe to the ebuttletin E: p.bjorck@yorksj.ac.uk T: 01904 876606

To contact the University Chaplain direct E: lukas@yorksj.ac.uk