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Providing creative educational opportunities for people who use mental health services

Winner Medipex Innovation in the NHS Award (mental health) 2014


Converge is a partnership between York St John University and mental health service providers in the York region. It offers high quality arts educational opportunities to those who use NHS and non-statutory mental health services and who are 18 years and over.

It also provides work-based experience for university students since our creative courses are taught by university staff and students and take place on the campus. Classes are offered in theatre, dance, music, fine art, writing, life coaching, business start-up and sport.

Being in Converge provides opportunities for its students to explore new ways of self-expression and communication. They can develop skills within a supported framework and thus take full advantage of the courses on offer.

This support comes primarily through the Converge Mentor Scheme (a team of experienced Converge students meeting regularly to support peers, providing advice to Converge and beginning new initiatives such as Converge Arts Forum Extra [CAFÉ]) and the Converge Student Buddy Scheme (undergraduate and postgraduate students volunteering for Converge, providing educational support for students during and outside of courses.) Converge has also employed recent graduates from York St John University to fill a variety of roles from arts internships to longer term work.

Here is an overview of what we are doing in Converge.


Laurie Farnell's words from the well of wisdom.

Seekers after truth learn from the school of silence.

Laurie Farnell, first published by Converge on 12th August, 2015.

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