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Lydia Cottrell

Lydia Cottrell     Lydia Cottrell

Upon graduating from York St John University, Lydia quickly became a successful performer, artist, host and drag queen. With such a wide and varied portfolio, Lydia found herself in a state of constant excitement and confusion with regards to how to grow her creative business. As part of the University’s Creative Business programme, Create Innovate Achieve, CidaCo worked with Lydia to help her gain a sense of clarity in her work by assessing her offerings against a range of artistic, professional and economic criteria and developing an action plan.

The action plan and business appraisals gave Lydia an increased sense of structure in her work; this allowed her to set her priorities, grow her business and move away from a mindset of constant development to an ever increasing demand for delivery. Lydia’s business continues to grow astonishingly.

Since working in partnership with CidaCo, Lydia has been involved with several very exciting pieces of work including a national tour and, perhaps most exciting, as a freelance performer Lydia had the opportunity to perform at Tate Modern in Emily Roysdon's “I Am a Helicopter, Camera, Queen” .

“Working with Lydia has been a constant journey of surprise, one I’ve enjoyed immensely. Helping her move from a place where excitement and confusion is the norm to a situation where her performances are receiving critical acclaim, making new, valuable connections gave me a huge sense of professional pleasure. Lydia is more strategic and confident in how she promotes herself and builds new collaborations” - Keith Evans, CidaCo

Visit Lydia Cottrell's website.

Model: Lydia Cottrell – Miss Try Angle

Hats: John Quinnell-Hill

Photography: Sophie Unwin