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Tiger Tea Illustration

Tiger Tea Illustration

Amy Evans

While setting up Tiger Tea Illustration, Amy struggled with some of the finer points of business administration. Overwhelmed by inaccessible and jargon filled business help books, Amy came to Create Innovate Achieve through York St. John University’s Creative Business programme. Amy attended several sessions and workshops that covered everything from networking to marketing to innovation, each tailored to suit creative businesses and made easy to understand. Amy believes that the sessions helped her to ‘unlock the potential’ of her business, providing clarity on issues she was previously unsure of, cementing her strengths and providing a clear road map for moving forward.

Barely a month after attending the CidaCo workshops, Amy was commissioned for a large public art installation, that she attained thorough the ‘clever networking’ skills she’d picked up in the sessions. Today, Amy finds herself taking on work that she never dreamed she’d have the capacity to deliver upon, let alone enjoy. Beyond this, Amy has now been able to effectively price her work, ensuring a healthy profitability along with all the new and exciting work.

Following Amy’s engagement in the CidaCo sessions and workshops, she has been commissioned by Leeds Inspired and Leeds Canvas for two large public art installations and events. She has also seen increased business in smaller contracts ranging from logos, websites, portraits and branding.

“CidaCo helped unlock aspects of business that I felt too intimidated by. With humour, wit, and friendly demeanour they also provided the encouragement to carry on, to be the best we could be, and they genuinely wanted us all to succeed. They make business easy for creatives, and they unlock creativity for the business minded” – Amy Evans, Tiger Tea Illustration

Visit the Tiger Tea Illustration website.