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Our Approach

Our approach to equality

At York St John we are proud of our reputation as a university that encourages students and staff to flourish in an inclusive, accessible and friendly environment. Every day across campus we make real the commitment in our mission "to the provision of excellent, open and progressive higher education that embraces difference, challenges prejudice and promotes justice in practical ways that enhance the experience of our diverse student and staff communities".

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy Equality and Diversity Steering Group Equality Analysis
Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy Statement Equality Monitoring  



Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy

The University published its Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy in the spring of 2012.  This contains our strategic objectives, which are to:

  • deliver accessible and inclusive facilities and services that meet the needs of all who engage with the University
  • advance equality of opportunity for staff and students by identifying and addressing barriers to access and progression
  • enrich the working environment and student experience by creating a culture which values individual expression of identity within a framework of equality, respect and dignity
  • establish systems for the collection, review and evaluation of equality data and activity
  • ensure the University is compliant with all equality, diversity and human rights law.

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Strategy

Within those strategic objectives, the University has agreed five priorities ('equality objectives') to deliver by August 2015. These objectives are:

  • Our policies will be compliant with equalities legislation
  • We will strengthen our promotion of race equality
  • We will increase confidence in the University's commitment to welcoming LGBT staff
  • We will strengthen our commitment to women’s career development and progression
  • We will explore more fully the differences between male and female students’ success and the potential causes of this
  • We will enhance support for disabled students to realise their full potential

Equality Objectives, including how we will achieve these and how we will measure our progress. Priority objectives have been agreed for 2015-16.

Priority objectives 2015-16


Equality and Diversity Steering Group

The Equality and Diversity Steering Group advises the Strategic Leadership Team about the University's strategic direction and supports a co-ordinated approach to equality, diversity and human rights-related activity across the University. The Group is chaired by the Chief Operating Officer and made up of senior University representatives, a Students’ Union representative and the Equality and Diversity Adviser. 


Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy Statement

Our Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy Statement sets out the University’s commitment to producing, implementing, reviewing and monitoring policies which promote equality, diversity and human rights, and to sustaining an environment which is free from all forms of unfair treatment, discrimination and harassment for all those who study, work and engage with the institution. The Policy is supported by Supplementary Notes which provide more detail about the particular policies, procedures and practices that the University has introduced to eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between people in all areas of its business. 


Equality Monitoring

The University currently monitors the profile of our students and staff in relation to age, disability, gender identity (students only), ethnicity, religion and belief, sex (gender) and sexual orientation. We do not currently publish certain data as we recognise the need to build the confidence of specific groups in our processes.  We regularly review this position.


Equality Analysis

To enable staff to be proactive in identifying equality issues, the University has introduced an Equality Analysis process, including a comprehensive toolkit supported by training. The process has been rolled out across the University.

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