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The following pages look in detail at the diversity profile of candidates for job vacancies at the University for the 2012–13 academic year





The University collates Equality data on all applicants and we currently have a system in place of “blind shortlisting”, where the personal data of the applicant is removed prior to the shortlisting stage.

The data shows that the number of men and women who apply for positions at the University is comparable to the overall staff profile i.e. we receive more applications from women and this is then translated through to the appointment stage (55.2% of applicants are women and 61.3% of appointments are women).

The recruitment data shows that we are attracting applicants from Black or Minority Ethnic groups, with 9% of applicants from a BMR background. Reassuringly a higher proportion of applicants are being converted to appointments with approximately 9% of appointments from BME backgrounds for 2012-13. Work is still on-going to ensure we are attracting high quality applicants from diverse backgrounds and a new recruitment website has been launched in January as part of attracting a suitably qualified pool of applicants.

In terms of religion and belief there is some diversity amongst applicants with the largest group of applications from people identifying themselves as Christian (41.4%) this then translates in to 34.7% of all appointments.  A significant number of applicants (40%) state no religion with 11% preferring not to say.

The majority of applicants identified as heterosexual (84%) with 10.6% choosing not to disclose their sexual orientation. 4.4% of applicants identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or other and this translated into 7.3% of appointments.

The University is committed to supporting applicants who are disabled and demonstrates this by using the Two Ticks Disability symbol. We interview all applicants with a disability who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy. 5.3% of applicants declared a disability, which has translated to 8.4% of all shortlisted candidates declaring a disability and 5.3% of appointments.


Policies and Procedures

In order to ensure that managers are equipped with the knowledge and skills to recruit and select staff effectively and fairly, all managers receive recruitment and selection training.  The University’s recruitment and selection procedure has been designed to ensure that recruitment processes are accessible, fair and transparent.


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