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Age Profile - All Staff

14.4% of staff at the University are aged below 31 and 6.6% are aged over 61 with a distribution of staff in the 3 decades in between (31-40: 24.0%, 41-50: 27.4%, 51-60: 27.5%). 

Age by Staff Group


Relevant Employment Policies and Procedures

York St John is committed to creating an environment where people of all ages are welcome and respected, and where access to employment is not restricted by unjustifiable age restrictions.  Mandatory equality and diversity training for all staff and for managers ensures that York St John employees understand their obligation under equality legislation and University policy to eliminate age-related discrimination.

The University is taking steps to increase the number of employment opportunities that might attract young people with an established programme of internships.

With the abolition of the Default Retirement Age in 2011 the University no longer operates an age-related approach to retirement.  The decision on when to retire is one for the individual to make and, subject to satisfactory performance and the needs of the University, employees may work for as long as they choose.  The University’s Performance Development Review process contains guidance for managers on how to ensure that they manage staff performance fairly.


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