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Sexual Orientation


Sexual Orientation profile

Sexual Orientation

The majority of staff at the University identified as heterosexual, with another 26% choosing not to disclose their sexual orientation. This has reduced from 31% non-disclosures in 2013. Overall  4.1% of staff identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or other.

Currently data does not exist on the picture across higher education as the University is an early adopter of workforce monitoring relating to sexual orientation (although this is changing with the introduction of a national requirement for such monitoring).

No surveys have yet collected data from a large enough sample to provide a precise estimate of the size of the LGB population, and many people choose not to answer the question about sexual identity.  Stonewall have suggested a benchmark figure for the LGB population in the UK as 6%. This figure was drawn up by government actuaries in HM Treasury when the Civil Partnership Act was being introduced.


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