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Social Innovation - connect with others

 Social Innovation Europe  Social Innovation exchange


Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise UK - monthly news and reading round up

Social Enterprises in the UK can receive free placements with talented people in the EU. Read more.....

  • Funding grows for social enterprise campaign in Westminster

    Campaigners have raised almost two-thirds of the cost of a proposed blanket advertising initiative at Westminster Tube station to promote the importance of social enterprise to politicians and councils. LGC keeps you up to date with the latest news and ...


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 5 Companies Doing Corporate Social Responsibility Right

    For many companies, it’s not enough to make money and satisfy customers. These companies often go the extra mile to give a little something back to their employees, the community, and the world at large. They’ve developed solid reputations for going ...


Social Economy and the European Union


    La CASES, la Cooperativa Antonio Sergio a Economia Social du Portugal, a rejoint Social Economy Europe (SEE). L'Assemblée générale de Social Economy Europe s'est félicitée de la requérante et a voté à l'unanimité pour son adhésion. La CASES est une coopérative d'intérêt public qui regroupe les Confédérations des Coopératives Portugaises, Confagri e Confecoop, l'Union des Mutualités Portugaises, l'Union des Miséricordias Portugaises, la Confédération des Institutions de Solidarité Sociale et ANIMAR (une (...) - Social Economy Europe