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Recruitment & Selection Manual

The Recruitment & Selection Manual provides all the necessary information to ensure that the recruitment process is fair, efficient and effective ensuring equality of opportunity from when a post is first identified to  when the successful applicant is appointed.

The Chair of the interview panel should have attended the Equality & Diversity training which is provided by the Staff Development and we would also recommend that panel members attend Successful Recruitment training. 

Section A - Scope of Procedures
Section B - Equal Opportunities
Section C - Data Protection
Section D - Recruitment & Selection Model Schedule
Section E - Determing the Vacancy
Section F - Job Description & Person Specification
Section G - Recruitment advertising
Section H - Shortlisting
Section I - Reference procedure
Section J - Interviews (New)
Section K - Presentation panels (New)
Section L - Assessment Methods (New)
Section M - Candidate selection procedure
Section N - Points Based Immigration - Certificate of Sponsorships
Section O - Employing people with criminal records
Section P - Commencement procedure
Section Q - Casual Workers
Section R - Part time hourly paid academics

Appendix 1 - Equal Opportunities
Appendix 2 - Job description template
Appendix 3 - Recruitment Arrangements Form
Appendix 4 - Example advert
Appendix 5 - Example application form
Appendix 6 - Shortlisting Form
Appendix 7 - Interview assessment form
Appendix 8 - Interview outcome form