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Digital Scanning Service

The Copyright Licensing Agency's (CLA) Higher Education License (for photocopying and scanning) allows the creation of digital copies of published material through scanning in specific circumstances and in accordance with copyright legislation.

To comply with the terms of the License and enable the full reporting the CLA requires, all digital copies must be authorised and made by Information Learning Services staff. Scanning of copyrighted material is not to be undertaken by other staff in any circumstances.

To request the scanning of a publication please ensure that it is eligible using the checklist below and complete the Application for Scanned Chapter/Article that is currently available from the Staff Information Point. Please note that you will need to log in to access this form.



  • Scanning must be in accordance with copyright legislation, e.g. no more than one article from a periodical issue or one chapter or 5% of a book (whichever is the greater). Newspaper articles are not included under the terms of the license.
  • The item to be scanned must be published in the UK, and many other countries (subject to any specific exclusions).
  • The item must be owned either by York St. John University (in stock at Information Learning Services) or obtainable from another library that is licensed to make copyright cleared copies.
  • Material either available through York St. John University in electronic format (e.g. a periodical article available as an electronic journal through Information Learning Services) or readily obtainable in electronic form at reasonable cost, will not be scanned. Links to electronic material can be included in Moodle course modules.
  • Scanning must be for educational use and relate to a specific course of study.
  • For further guidance on copyright issues, and clarification of the legislation, please see our copyright information pages

Requests for scanning will be verified by Information Learning Services and a scanned copy made, normally in PDF format. The scanned copy will then be emailed to the requestor and may be made available through Moodle or elsewhere providing the License Conditions below are observed:


License Conditions

  • The scanned copy must be displayed exactly as supplied by the Scanning Service, complete with copyright notice. Any alteration of the content is not permissible.
  • Scanned copies are accessible only to students on the course or module for which the request to scan was made (e.g. the scanned copy must not be accessible to the University community as a whole or to a wider group of users beyond those required to study it).
  • The scanned copy is maintained only for the duration of the course of study and either deleted or made inaccessible when the course is not running.
  • The scanned copy is deleted at the request of Information Learning Services (with confirmation) if its continued availability would breach the terms of the CLA License.


Contact us

For further information please contact the Scanning Service.