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Academic listening online


There are many free lectures online from university courses around the world.  Not all of them offer transcripts, though. 

Try these websites: 


  • The Reith Lectures  These are given every year by some of the most influential people in the UK.  In recent years the topics have included Freedom, Science, Politics and China.  Free podcasts are available on the site. 
  • The Vega Science Trust offers an excellent series of science lectures.
  • Gresham College has a range of academic talks available.  Go to the menu section and choose a lecture.
  • Who on earth are we?  This is a collection of 12 programmes for English learners that look at and explain the theory behind cultural differences.  The programmes look at areas such as culture shock, cultural misunderstandings and the differences between individualist and collectivist cultures.
  • The BBC Science Explorer  is a collection of fascinating radio programmes about science, featuring documentaries, discussions and interviews with important scientists.  Click the link and, if you don't see many programmes, click the tab for "View as a list", near the bottom of the page, on the left-hand side. 


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