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Reading materials

Books in libraryFree help for YSJ students

Active Reading is a programme that helps you learn to read more confidently at different levels.  It's for students who want to study at university.  Click the link and enter your YSJ login details.  You may need to click "self-enrol" too. 


Academic materials


General materials for English learners

  • Newsademic  This is an online newspaper service for school students and English language learners.  They take articles from real newspapers and simplify them for learners.  Click here  for a free copy to find out if you like this paper.   
  • Links to hundreds of websites with reading materials you can use free 
  • Free reading lessons from an American website
  • There are some programmes you can download free to help you practise reading skills at this page
  • Onestopenglish.com  is a website for English teachers - but you can register and use it free of charge.  There are lots of reading lessons available. 
  • News about Britain  is a collection of short articles which you can use for reading practice.  Again, you can download the script and the article for reading practice.  If the link does not work, go to this page and click ""News about Britain". 
  • Graded readers  We have a good library of these at the Language Support Centre (Holgate 137 - check opening times).  Talk to us for advice if you want to buy some graded readers.  Also, Oxford has some graded readers available as apps.   


Magazines and news services

  • The BBC website  This is a huge site with thousands of pages of multimedia material.  Topics include History, Business, Religion & Ethics, Arts, Culture and many others. 
  • CNN Student News  This is a daily news programme designed principally for native speakers - but it has a script for each programme. 
  • The Guardian Weekly  An excellent international weekly newspaper.  If the link does not work, go to the Guardian's homepage and search for "Guardian Weekly". 
  • The Economist  Another excellent weekly which you can buy in magazine format in newspaper shops, but also of course constantly updated online.
  • The New Scientist  A superb weekly science magazine which can be understood by non-mathematicians!
  • CRAYON  is a website which allows you, quickly and easily, to create your own newspaper.  Articles on topics that you choose, from newspapers you choose, are sent to you.
  • Links to hundreds of news services around the world are available from this page. 


Materials for your subject

  • Introductions to specific subjects (Palgrave Macmillan)
  • Library Guide for my subject  Go to this page from the YSJ website.  Click your subject.  You can then see a lot of useful information - including the name and contact details of the librarian who looks after your subject.  She (or he) can show you a good basic book or articles about your subject.  You can select a lot of useful basic vocabulary from that book or article by:
  • Reading the back cover
  • Reading the chapter titles on the contents page
  • Reading the summary page at the beginning or end of each chapter
  • Looking at the index
  • Looking at the bibliography - read the titles of the books and articles


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