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Books in libraryIs reading a problem for you?

Most students have two basic problems:

1.       They read quite slowly

2.       There are a lot of words they don’t understand

... but many students do not read English much outside their course work – so they do not improve much. 

To get better, you need practice – lots of practice!   The most important thing is how many hours you spend reading English, every week. 

It is really important to improve before your graduate or undergraduate course, because you will have to read an enormous amount as part of most courses.  


How to read faster and learn more vocabulary

There are special books, called graded readers, to help you do this.  You can borrow these books from the Language Support Centre (Holgate 137). 

Piates of the Caribbean - Penguin   Gladiator penguin graded reader   Notting Hill penguin graded reader   Les Miserables penguin graded reader

Over time, they will help you learn the basic 3000 words in English.  They will also help you read faster.  Read 30 minutes a day. 

If you have already reached the top level of graded readers and are now looking for more challenging reading which is still not too hard, the University Library is buying some books for you.  Contact Charlie at languagesupport@yorksj.ac.uk for details. 


What else can I do to improve my reading? 

  • Book a one-to-one appointment at languagesupport@yorksj.ac.uk ...
  • ... or attend a free class on Reading Skills. 
  • Keep developing your general vocabulary by listening, speaking, reading and writing English as many hours as possible every day. 
  • Expand your academic vocabulary
  • Use the exercises and materials below. 


What exercises can you do - and what materials can you use?


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