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Mosab Abu Mandil from Palestine

Mosab Abu MandilCourse: MA in Counselling


Why did you originally decide the UK was the best place to study your particular subject?

UK is well-known destination of the distinguished education and UK universities have variety counselling programmes which I am interesting to study. In other hand it is the perfect place where you improve your English by learning from the English people themselves.


What was the most enjoyable thing about studying your subject at York St John University?

I am pleased with the education I have received at the York St John University, as well as the invaluable learning experiences this institution has made available to me that have expanded and strengthened my education.


What were the most valuable aspects of your course?

The most valuable aspect - from my point of view - is to listen non-judgementally.

Do you think that your course and studies at YSJ have helped you in your career?

The knowledge, skills and expertise that I benefit from York St. John University master program will surely contribute greatly to my future career. 


What do you see as the benefits of a UK education?

I believe that studying in UK enhances my skills in adapting to a constantly changing work environment, working individually or in team and maintaining good working relationships with individuals of different cultural backgrounds.


What did/do you most enjoy about life in York?

Actually a lot of things I enjoyed in York. It is beautiful city which have many historical places to visit like The Minister. York city is like small globe where it is possible to get to know people from more than one country that experience can give you a real view of other cultures and behaviours.


What are you doing now that you have finished your course?

I want to combine my knowledge and interest with my passion to help my people especially in mental health. Counseling and psychotherapy can be helpful for most situations involving psychological, emotional, relationship, parenting, family and employment problems. Because we are living under occupation and aggression, so many psychological problems appear among Palestinians specially women and children. That it could be a challenge to deal with this major problem.


What are your plans for the future?

The knowledge, skills and expertise that I benefit from York St. John University master program will contribute greatly to my future career. That’s why I am looking forward to apply for PhD degree also here in York St. John University.

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