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Research areas

LIdIA is currently in the process of establishing a small number of key Research Areas. Visit again soon for more information.

Research projects undertaken during the 2013-14 academic year under the auspices of LIdIA include the following:


Children's response to gender bias in writing tasks. (Dr Leesa Clarke).

A critical thematic analysis of York's hidden stories (Dr Rachel Wicaksono and Dasha Zhurauskaya, with three students as researchers: Aroob Qaimkhani, Harriet Palmann, and Jade Bassindale). Funded by YSJ ADD, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and Comic Relief.

The Facilitative Dance: theorising interviewers' performance of self in the qualitative interview (Clare Cunningham and Dr Vanita Sundaram, Dept of Education, University of York).

Kirklees Sound Archive (Dr Kate Whisker-Taylor). Supported by Kirklees Council.

Language, sexuality and education (proposal for edited book) (Dr Helen Sauntson).

Learning, teaching and assessment in the multilingual classroom (Dr Rachel Wicaksono, Rosie Hedger [Senior Research Assistant], Dr Catherine Samiei, Noel Dennis, and Charlie Martineau).

A longitudinal case study of English usage by a non-native speaker (Dr Christopher Hall, with two students as researchers: Chris Robson and Jack Joyce). Funded in part by YSJ ADD.

Phonological and syntactic features of language variation in the U.K. (website) (Dr Kate Whisker-Taylor).

The Star Project: Key Stage 1 children's attitudes and understanding of reading (Dr Leesa Clarke, with two students as researchers: Alice Tuckey and Megan Potts). Funded in part by YSJ ADD.

Teachers' talk about attitudes towards home languages in primary schools (Clare Cunningham).