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Research projects

Projects undertaken during the 2012-13 academic year under the auspices of LIdIA, with partners from a variety of UK and overseas universities, include the following:

  • A Critical Thematic Analysis of York's Hidden Stories. PIs: Dasha Zhurauskaya and Rachel Wicaksono. Funded by YSJ, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Comic Relief.
  • Learning, Teaching and Assessment in the Multilingual Classroom. PIs: Rosie Hedger and Rachel Wicaksono. Funded by YSJ.
  • English as a Lingua Franca in Higher Education: Developing English language teachers’ awareness worldwide. PIs: Hall and Wicaksono (YSJ); research partners: Shu Liu, Yuan Qian,  Xu Xiaoqing (Suzhou University of Science and Technology, China), Khawla Badwan (Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine). Funded in part by the British Council and YSJ.
  • Getting Stuff Done: E-mail Requests from Students in Higher Education. PIs: Merrison (YSJ), Bethan L. Davies (University of Leeds); co-Investigator: Michael Haugh (Griffith University, Brisbane); RA: Jack J. Wilson (University of Leeds). Funded in part by YSJ.
  • Interaction and Identity for the Post-Privacy Generation. PI: Geesin (YSJ) Funded in part by YSJ.
  • Interpreting Task-Oriented Discourse between Deaf and Hearing Participants. PIs: Merrison (YSJ), Graham H. Turner (Heriot-Watt University), Bethan L. Davies (University of Leeds), Gary Quinn (Heriot-Watt University). Funded in part by YSJ and Heriot-Watt University.
  • Introducing ‘Using Language’: an introduction to a Clarkian perspective on Language in Use. PI: Merrison (YSJ). RAs: Jack J. Wilson (University of Leeds), Helen Phillips (YSJ), Hazel Price (YSJ), Eliot Andersen (YSJ), Rich Durie (YSJ), Chloe Langford (YSJ), Jess Farhadian (YSJ).
  • Raising awareness of English as a lingua franca: an online tutorial for students in UK universities. Pl: Wicaksono (YSJ). Funded by the Higher Education Academy and YSJ.
  • Reflections on face, commitment and identity in an online Christian forum. PI: Jack J. Wilson (University of Leeds); Merrison (YSJ) and Sage Lambert Graham (University of Memphis). Funded in part by YSJ.
  • The discursive construction of neoliberal values in university mission statements. PIs: Sauntson (YSJ) and Liz Morrish (University of Birmingham).
  • When wor(l)ds collide: an analysis of student face and identity management in online assessed discussion forums. PI: Gilroy (YSJ); co-Investigators: Merrison (YSJ) and Angela Goddard (formerly YSJ). Funded in part by YSJ.