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Leadership & Management MA,PGDip

MA Leadership and Management

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Benefits of the programme

The overall aim of the programme is to develop individuals as potential managers and leaders with a sound understanding of skills necessary to undertake in a management or leadership role. You will be able to develop a critical, reflective and integrated understanding of Leadership and Management within a context of business sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethics, helping students undertake effective roles within business organisations as part of a wider strategic team. It also provides opportunities for advanced study and practical application of the key concepts and concerns within business including the importance of coaching and mentoring in the development of business strategy and organisational culture. This is grounded on positive and critical attitudes towards culture, diversity, change management and conflict management. The framework is created around the role of management and leadership in the context of a dynamic and vibrant business and management environment. York St John Business School has a growing reputation for attracting a strong and diverse international student group, bringing a rich cultural base to our programmes of study.


How will I study?

The programme is offered on a full or part-time basis. 



What will I study?

The programme comprises five modules. Completion of the first four leads to the Postgraduate Diploma award, with completion of the research appreciation and dissertation module leading to the Master of Arts award.


  • Sustainable Businesses - The module is all about Business ethics and ethical issues in business, the impact of business activities on the natural, social and economic environments as well as introduction to corporate (social) responsibility and strategies for sustainable business.
  • Managing  Business Finance - You develop an understanding of the role of accountants in the management of a successful enterprise. There is an opportunity to use technical skills and gain a deep understanding of underlying concepts.
  • Leadership and Management Coaching - The module explores the complexities of coaching practice and exploring the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring as well as establishing the ground rules of the coaching meeting
  • Strategic Leadership and Management - The module explores the field of leadership and management skills in a business context. It encourages you to critically analyse styles and theory whilst being self-aware in the decisions they make.
  • Managing Culture and Leading Change - This module explores issues pertaining to effective management of organisational culture and change leadership. It specifically addresses the tensions that exist between leadership strategies and the role of human resources in the development and empowerment of people within organisations; as well as the relationship between organisational leadership and the role of human resources in the management of organisational change.
  • The Dynamics of Managing Diversity, Conflict and Ethics - This module will draw upon the concepts and principles in relation to workforce diversity and conflict management, and critically explores issues associated with implementing diversity strategy in a modern business environment. This module will provide you with the opportunity to critically discuss the key principles of business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and how it is interrelated with workforce diversity and conflict management.
  • Managing Operations and Information Systems - The module focuses on how these areas create competitive advantage and add value in both production and service areas. Emphasis is placed on Business Process Improvement and Business Process Engineering.
  • Project Management - This module seeks to develop an appreciation of the theoretical and practical issues relating to project management from a strategic and operations perspective

The research dissertation provides an opportunity for specialism through in-depth study of an issue relevant to international business.


What resources will I have access to?

York St John University has an excellent range of management texts and access to electronic journals. There are PCs/networked terminals available in learning resource rooms, housed in the main library. An excellent range of student support and welfare services are also available.


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