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Strategic Human Resource Management MA*

MA Strategic Human Resources Management

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What will I study?

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The core modules are:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Research Methods
  • Research Investigation

Programme specific modules include:

  • Managing Business Finance - Develop an understanding of the role of accountants in the management of
    a successful enterprise. There is an opportunity in this module to use technical skills to gain a deep understanding of underlying concepts.
  • Strategic Leadership & Management - This module explores the key issues around strategic leadership and
    management. It also addresses key concerns in strategic thinking and the development of strategic plans and the relationship this has to people development within an organisation.
  • Diversity, Ethics and Managing Conflict - This module will draw upon the concepts and principles in relation
    to workforce diversity and conflict management, and critically explores issues associated with implementing
    diversity strategy in a modern business environment. This module will provide you with the opportunity to critically discuss the key principles of business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and how it is
    interrelated with workforce diversity and conflict management.
  • The Strategic Management of Performance and Reward - This module examines the organisational strategic rationale for developing a performance and reward framework. The link between organisational strategy, reward systems and effective performance management is critically analysed using a case study approach underpinned by an examination of the theoretical foundations of performance and reward management.
  • Project Management - This module seeks to develop an appreciation of the theoretical and practical issues relating to project management from a strategic and operations perspective.
  • Managing Culture and Leading Change - This module explores issues pertaining to effective management of
    organisational culture and change leadership. It specifically addresses the tensions that exist between
    leadership strategies and the role of human resources in the development and empowerment of people within organisations; as well as the relationship between organisational leadership and the role of human
    resources in the management of organisational change.


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