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PG Dip, MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy

MA Counselling and Psychology Studies

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Lynne GabrielDr Lynne Gabriel

Reader in Counselling and Relational Ethics

I am programme director for the MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies and teach on Masters and Undergraduate modules. I’m a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Associate Professor and Reader in Counselling, Coaching and Ethics.  I am currently involved in research projects on bereavement, domestic violence and trauma, and enhancement of the learning and teaching of helper skills.  I supervise 9 research student and lead a domestic violence research group, working with colleagues from psychology, forensic occupational therapy and counselling, as well as external partners.  I have worked on the City of York’s Domestic Violence Strategy Group and am currently a member of the Making Safe countywide steering group.  I am also a Board member of Respect, a national organization working with perpetrators and victims of relational, familial and domestic violence. My other interests include the advancement of research on practitioner training. I have published two key texts on practice ethics - Speaking the Unspeakable: Dual relationships in counselling and psychotherapy and Relational ethics in practice.

I am Director of the Health and Life Sciences (HLS) Counselling Research Clinic that is due to open in Autumn 2015.  The clinic will offer psychological therapies and will specialize in counselling for domestic violence.  It will also provide an accessible and affordable general counselling service.  Clinic research projects will involve staff, students and external partners.   We have just appointed Dr Jeannette Roddy, a Senior Lecturer at Sunderland University, as an Honorary Research Fellow for the clinic.

My active engagement with my professional body, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, has been an important feature of my personal and professional development.  I am a BACP Fellow and served as the Association’s Chair (2008-2011), and Immediate Past Chair (2012-2014). I am now a BACP Emeritus Chair. I am currently involved in practice guidance development and driving forward on developing an education and training pathway for counsellors and psychotherapists.  I am a Registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist and have a small clinical and supervision practice, working through the counselling research clinic. 


Hazel JamesDr Hazel James

Head of Programme for Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring

I am head of programme for the Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring subject area. In terms of teaching, as well as teaching on the MA I am responsible for supervising postgraduate and PhD students. Research topics include domestic violence, psychological care for veterans, bereavement, the relational aspect of the role of the personal trainer. My research interests focus on the impact of violence and trauma on the psychological aspects of physical health and wellbeing. This encompasses the impact and experience of violence on adults and children. A recent project has included a pilot study exploring interventions with young people who are violent within the home. This included, in addition to talking to children, getting the practitioner and parental viewpoint on the experience and intervention. A new research project will be looking at the impact and possible interventions for children who are bystanders in a violent domestic setting. Each project has involved working with relevant Third sector organisations.  

Following on from work on a project with individuals’ following a major cardiac event, who subsequently took part in a British Heart Foundation ride, is in an emerging interest in the impact of major life changes/events on an individual’s sense of self and identity.  Previous research projects have included the intersection of discourses in mental health and legal contexts and the impact of pedagogical practices within counselling higher education programmes. The latter includes exploring the teaching of skills within counselling programmes and peer mentoring within undergraduate degrees. I am deputy Director of the Faculty’s counselling research clinic, due to open in autumn 2015. The clinic will offer opportunities to both work with clients and on research projects related to domestic violence and related psychological issues.


Trish HobmanTrish Hobman

Course Lead for the Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling

I am Course Lead for the Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling, and for Counselling for Depression, I also teach across a range of undergraduate modules, this includes supervising dissertations in year 3.  I am currently writing up my PhD, the title of which is ‘The meaning and impact of supervision for experienced counsellors.’  I expect to complete in 2016.  The research method is narrative inquiry and I have a particular interest in dialogical, performative narrative research. As a counsellor, supervisor and researcher I am primarily interested in relational, embodied and experiential ways of working, and have recently undertaken the Level 1 Emotion Focused Therapy training at Strathclyde University.  As a trainer on a humanistic integrative BACP accredited course I am also interested in developing students capacity to work with the relationship as the vehicle for change.


As part of my involvement with Counselling for Depression I have been involved with the evaluation of the pilot programme of the BACP/Department of Health/IAPT Counselling for Depression training and have presented at national conferences.  This includes the BACP research conference in May 2015, the inaugural Counselling for Depression Conference held at Metanoia in October 2013, and in February 2015 at the New Savoy Partnership Conference IAPT Recruitment Fair. With a colleague I delivered the training for counsellors involved in the University of Sheffield Randomised Control Trial (PRaCTICED) comparing counselling for depression and cognitive behavioural therapy.  We are working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure that counsellors are appropriately trained in CfD. More recently we have been invited to undertake the fidelity rating which will be used to benchmark tapes rated as part of the trial.


Jill Burns

Senior Lecturer, Counselling



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