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Bid Camp March 2009

Last week a group of ten people met at the Commonwork conference and study centre to work on research proposals/ bids relevant to occupation, mental health and well being. The venue was very conducive to group work and provided an excellent environment for taking time out from the usual run of the mill to really focus on research (see http://www.commonwork.org/ for more information). 

The group was a mixed group including those early in their research careers to others with a lot of research experience and so we all had very different needs. This was managed by having a very informal programme that included gatherings, shared meals and lots of time to work on individual/group projects according to each person’s needs. During the gatherings we discussed bidding, the politics of research, research careers and the use of creative activities in data collection and data analysis.

At the end of the bid camp everyone felt that they had gained a lot from participating in it. In their reflections the positive benefits of taking time out to focus on research, developing ideas, networking, working with like minded people, and developing a work plan for research bids were mentioned. It is early days in understanding what the benefits are of participating in a bid camp but it does look like bid camps might be a good way of building research capacity.