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Research programme: Occupation and mental health in forensic and prison services

Associate Professor Louise Farnworth from Monash University in Australia and Dr Jane Cronin-Davis, Senior Lecturer at York St John University will be jointly leading the research programme in occupation and mental health in forensic services. This research programme aims to build international occupational therapy networks to facilitate building an evidence base for forensic  and prison mental health. The focus is on developing geographically diverse research groups to support research, increase individuals capacity as well as facilitating the opportunity to undertake larger, cross cultural studies related to the contribution of occupational therapy to forensic mental health.

Dr Louise Farnworth

Dr Jane Cronin-Davis

The research program aims to help locate studies, including publications in non-english language sources, and foster the development of research skills through mentoring and supporting people to frame research questions, apply for local and internationally available research grants, develop protocols for data collection and analysis methods, and facilitate the dissemination of research findings at occupational therapy and relevant social science conferences, and publication in journals.

Dr Jane Cronin-Davis, Senior Lecturer from York St John University has summarised her own doctoral research conducted in forensic mental health; and encourages occupational therapists to conduct research and contribute to the evidence-base.  Read about it here.


Recent publications

O’Connell, M., Farnworth, L., & Hanson, C. H. (2010). Time Use in Forensic Psychiatry: A Naturalistic Inquiry into Two Forensic Patients in Australia. International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, 9: 101–109.