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Activity Card Sort - UK project

Early stages in the development of a culturally relevant measure of occupational engagement for use with older adults: the Activity Card Sort – United Kingdom (ACS-UK) November 2010

The first stage of this project related to content validity and item generation is currently being undertaken. Ethical approval has been received from the York St John University Ethics Committee.  The current study involves a questionnaire-based investigation into the time-use of older adults in the UK being conducted and subsequent analyses to determine the activities most relevant to the UK older adult population imminent. Both a paper questionnaire and a electronic questionnaire (with the same questions using Survey Monkey) are being used to collect data. We aim to obtain a minimum sample of 100 older people. Further stages will involve photographing the culturally specific items that arise from the item development stage and piloting the ACS-UK with older UK adults. In the meantime, we would be interested to hear from any colleagues that are currently using the ACS in their occupational therapy practice or in a research capacity.

We would be grateful to hear the views of any colleagues currently involved in, or who are interested in, developing culturally specific versions of the ACS. Please contact me (s.mallinson@yorksj.ac.uk) or the Research Centre for Occupation and Mental Health (RCOMH@yorksj.ac.uk) to share such experiences, views and opinions.