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International study on boredom

The occupation, mental health and boredom programme will provide the focus of the first multi-centre, international research study because the initial analysis of the scoping study to map research activity related to occupation and mental health (SIPPS project) identified 133 people interested in being involved in RCOMH’s research programmes. Their interest is spread across the programmes. However when asked which other research programmes they are interested in the most frequently selected programme was the occupation, mental health and boredom programme. This suggests that boredom is an issue which crosses the other research programmes and work of RCOMH…watch this space for more information!

The BORES Project group

The BORES Project group are undertaking a SCoRe project as part of their Bachelor degree; they want to understand the experience of boredom across the lifespan. They are using social networking to collect their data and will complete their study in January 2013.

RCOMH Bores group

The BORES project group from left to right: Kevin Liddall, Jayne Holden, Victoria Hargreaves, Tara Hill, Katrina Bannigan, Reanne Jacob, Gwen Sewell, Shevonne Cook.